Poncho is my sidekick and the 2nd fastest
gun slinger in the universe.  Loyal and true,
he is a mysterious warrior who has travelled
here from eons in the past.  He always arrives
just in time to save the day.

It Poncho was a gigapet, he would only have
one button, and that would be to refill his

Poncho is in part based on Pancho Villa,
mexican folklore hero, and the famed
centaur of the north during the mexican
revolution.  I had Poncho before i knew
of Pancho Villa, but there similarities
were remarkable.  However there are
many key differences between the real
Pancho Villa and my sidekick.

The real Pancho never got drunk
Poncho never is sober.
The real Pancho rides a horse (hence centaur)
Poncho hates them.
Pancho is a normal sized human.
Poncho is an ancient dwarf.

If there's anyone you can count on, its Poncho.