PEPSI (part 4)

"If you ever reach total enlightenment while drinking beer, I bet it makes beer shoot out your nose." - Charles Bukowski
I bet the same is true for pepsi.

from POE (affiliated with 'old man murray', and

 Coca-Cola is one of the few companies that went so far as to send us legal documents through registered mail.  Coca-Cola is known for suing to protect its trademark and dropping advertising quickly for the smallest of reasons.  It's nice to see that they don't discriminate; they use these same strong-arm tactics against tiny web sites.

While we wouldn't put Coke in our mouths on a dare, we have utilized its miraculous corrosive powers to strip grime off of things.  We have had no beef with the Coca Cola Corporation.  It has always seemed to us like a company that did what it said.  We always knew Coca-Cola, unlike tobacco companies, was looking out for our best interests.  There may even be medical benefits to drinking Coke.
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Pepsi spent a lot of money on an advertising campaign in China with the slogan 'Pepsi gives you life' - the only problem was they got the translation a little bit off - the translation came out 'Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave.'

Nintendo and Pepsi joins forces!
When Nintendo contacted Pepsi in hope to co-operate with them to make commercials they were cautious but then they tested an association with Nintendo on one of their smaller brands: Slice. Pepsi arranged national TV promotions where they gave away free Nintendo systems and they became so satisfied by the result of the campaign that they contacted Nintendo again, telling them that they wanted Nintendo to be a part of their BIG Christmas special advertising campaign. Without paying a thing, Nintendo got not only vast amounts of exposure (they got their logo on about 2 billion Pepsi cans) but also a lot of cash when Pepsi bought products from them for $10 million to use in their campaign! What did Pepsi get for making these big campaigns for Nintendo for free? Well they got an valuable association with Nintendo...

During Nixon's presidency, Pepsi became the first foreign consumer product to be sold in the Soviet Union.

I took the pepsi test:
Pepsi has your name written all over it. You're a confident leader, full of energy and life. You're never afraid to follow your dreams and ambitions.
You also have an unpredictable nature. You make bold and fearless decisions in your life that others admire and respect.
Pepsi fits you like a glove. You are viewed by friends as an intellectual and a trendsetter. You go out of your way to learn about new music, fashion, and trends.
There's a brainy side of you too. You often pull interesting facts out of your hat and stun people with your worldliness. The same goes for your impeccable taste in music.

a negativland song:
the condolences of every person at pepsi cola are with you

I got fired by my boss.. PEPSI
i nailed jesus to the cross.. PEPSI
Powdered mash potatoes in the cubbard  for three years
alchoholic husbands driving  frantic wives to tears
poor old widows house burned down..PEPSI
Tractors plowing down the hills.PEPSI

Leading helpless teens astray

(it'll always be there)
In the 1980's, Coke signed on New Kids on the Block and Elton John to combat Pepsi Cola.  (heheh, its gonna take more then that)


1903 - Exhilarating, Invigorating, Aids Digestion
1907 - Original Pure Food Drink
1909 - Delicious and Healthful
1915 - For All Thirsts - Pepsi-Cola
1919 - Pepsi-Cola - It Makes You Scintillate
1920 - Drink Pepsi Cola.  It will satisfy you.
1928 - Peps You Up!
1932 - Sparkling, Delicious
1934 - Refreshing and Healthful
1939 - Twice As Much For A Nickel Too Listen
1943 - Bigger Drink, Better Taste
1949 - Why take less when Pepsi's best?
1950 - More Bounce to the Ounce
1950 - The Light Refreshment
1954 - Refreshing Without Filling
1958 - Be Sociable, have a Pepsi
1961 - Now It's Pepsi, For Those Who Think Young
1963 - Come Alive! You're In the Pepsi Generation
1967 - Taste That Beats the Others Cold
1967 - Pepsi Pours It On
1969 - You've Got a Lot to Live and Pepsi's Got a Lot to Give
1973 - Join the Pepsi People Feelin' Free
1975 - Have a Pepsi Day Listen
1978 - Catch That Pepsi Spirit
1981 - Pepsi's Got Your Taste For Life!
1983 - Pepsi Now!
1984 - Pepsi, the Choice of a New Generation
1992 - Gotta Have It
1993 - Be Young, Have Fun, Drink Pepsi
1995 - Nothing else is a Pepsi
1999 - The Joy of Cola

and finally, a joke:
well, my tactic is to lure them in, then expand and unravel  so they don't really know what they are getting into until its too late

me:hey jump in this shallow hole!
people: okay!
me: hehe, thats a bottom less pit
people: noooo help us!!!
me: i can't hear you, good bye, where's my pretzels?

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minotaurs love pepsi cola.  My turtle dies and i poured pepsi in its tank and it came back to life.  When i drink peppsi its like when popeye eats spinach.
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Daphny said she was gonna throw sodas at my face while i was tied up until she knocked all my teeth out, but one of those sodas would be a pepsi, and when it hit me, the can would open, pepsi would come in my mouth, and i'd break free and fuck her teach her a lesson.