GaijinSenshi: coke or pepsi?
Fallable God: ::shrug::
Fallable God: they're drinks

i guess the thing is, most  people just choose both, or in reality prefer neither.

as far as nicole's page about how eisenhower wanted coke for the troops, well i'm glad coke can suck up to the US, and go for the patriotic image was simulatenously supporting and selling to the Nazi's at the same time.  And it isn't "history" i'm concerned with, its that coca-cola corporation is right now expoiting workers in nigeria.  But for this, the final page of my pepsi trilogy, i will show you some people(since i noticed you guys have both done this) who look past the fact that coke is the most recognized symbol, and just trust their taste buds:

thedreamwolf: LOL  @ first pepsi!
thedreamwolf: you're so right

thedreamwolf: pepsi or coke btw?
YopWongSapn: don't do caffeine, but if i had to choose it would be pepsi
YopWongSapn: :-D

thedreamwolf: pepsi or coke?
G0ku1a: pepsi

GaijinSenshi: coke or pepsi?
Scorpion Syren: pepsi

thedreamwolf: pepsi or coke?
Bald Taco: pepsi duh!

thedreamwolf: pepsi or coke?
Quilled One: both
Quilled One: :-)
thedreamwolf: one or the other
thedreamwolf: :-)
thedreamwolf: steeeve?
Quilled One: yes?
Quilled One: :-)
thedreamwolf: one or the other! :-)
Quilled One: pepsi :-)
thedreamwolf: thanks! :-)
thedreamwolf: =)
thedreamwolf: see.. it depends who U love..
thedreamwolf: all those coke lovers musta been losers ;-)
thedreamwolf: :-)

In conclusion:
Pepsi upside down only spells dead if you're
ILLITERATE (spelled correctly?) hehe