By Eric Drewes

 Since we found the ship, it was our honor to escort the group of scientists,
politicians and reporters to the crash site.  I'm not quite sure how one would classify the
ship, except large and very very black.  It wasn't made out of metal, but more like a hard
rubber substance.  Light seemed to fall into it, and it gave one the sense of
otherworldliness.  The ship had no markings, no imperfections.  Despite skid marks from
60 yards back through the forest, it was completely devoid of mud, it just sort of sat there,
propped through the mud.  The army wanted to keep the entire thing hush hush, but
everyone has their price, including the military.  Someone sold out the secret, and it took
24 hour a day shifts of armed guards to keep the cameras away from the wreckage.  My
group was one of the elite ranger groups that had scouted out the area for guerillas in
South America,  when the conflicts there ended, we were sent to Madagascar and
forgotten, until now that is.  Since the military didn't want to get more people then
necessary involved, my boys and I kept watch over the ship, rotating shifts.
 I was the first one to notice that the ship was upside down.  Careful examination
and digging soon revealed the first markings we had seen on the ship.  Peering at it from
the sideways angle, I read "Orion" across the hull, in standard English form.  The guys and
I had always assumed it was some sort of foreign jet, or even an alien vessel, but this
changed our perception of everything.  I crawled down into the hole and ran my finger's
across the markings, and my fingers skipped over a bump in the remarkable smooth
surface.  I pushed my thumb into crevice, and the entire vessel started to shake.  I climbed
out of the hole and stepped back, the perfectly smooth surface of the ship opened, forming
a door about 3 feet wide and 7 feet tall.  Cautiously, I hoisted myself into the entrance and
looked around.  The room was all black equal to the black of the outside, but it was
amazingly comfortable to stand in, even on the ceiling.  The walls and the floor (ceiling)
felt as if they had wrapped around me, even though I had total freedom.  A blue orb
floated towards the center of the room.  It had a pale glow to it, and looked despite its
smooth surface, as if it was carefully carved from the sky.  I ran my fingers along it, and a
voice clear and beautiful spoke.
 "Welcome to the Orion: The ship of God."  The words echoed in my mind,
spreading joy into my entire body.  "The door to your left is to the bridge.  The door to
your right, the cryogenics chamber."
 I stood in bliss until I felt a rumble around me, I looked out the door and a tank
had just broken through the forest clearing.  It was American.  Followed behind it were 3
suv's.  The cars parked and men in business suits and reporters with camera's jumped out.
A team of lab coat wearing scientists stepped out of one of them, and finally my own
commanding officer pulled himself out of the tank.
 "We demand to examine this ship!" The scientists claimed, "it is of a material that
has never been seen before"
 "We also demand to see it, the people have a right to know what this ship is about,
we see the English letter's on the side of the ship.  If the government is doing top secret
operations down here, both the American people and the African people have a right to
 The general finally spoke, "settle down people, this has just been revealed to us,
and Capt. Threepwood will be happy to give you a tour as soon as more information is
 My commanding officer is more of a politician then a military man, always bidding
for public influence and respect.  This time it was a doosy, and he was about to make me
give a bunch of people a tour of this majestic creation as if I even knew what it was.
 "Excuse me sir, I don't think that's a good idea, we just now learned how to open
it, it could be dangerous.  Please just take them away."  I hollered.
 A voice behind me interrupted me.  "Let them come, tell them to pick a
representative from each group unto the ship, I will tell you all you need to know, this is
important." it was the voice of the blue orb.  Entranced, I called out it's plan to the
general, who concurred.  Soon I was helping a fat balding politician, a young man wearing
glasses and holding an expensive camera, and a bearded scientist into the upside down
 I introduced myself, and shook their hands.  The balding politician demanded to be
called "Mr. Trent" the doctor by "Dr. Aquat" and the reporter was named "Jack"
the voice spoke to me. "Have them walk into the left room, I will open the door for you."
The left door opened, and we walked into the operating room.  There was a red orb in this
room.  The doctor looked at it, and took off his glasses.
 "I've never seen anything like this" Dr. Aquat said, "it's not made out of glass, it
appears to be perfect crystal, but with a size that big, it's impossible."
 "It's the God detector" the voice spoke through me, "it glows red like that in the
presence of God."
 "Wait a second, you mean God is here?" the politician said.
 "Yes," I said, repeating the voices words, "it is an infallible device."
 The door shut, locking the 3 people and me in the room, I asked the voice what
was happening.  It didn't reply.
 All off us scrambled to find something to allow us to get out.  I found another
indenture and pushed it, opening a large bay window.  We saw the reporters and everyone
outside, and it was obvious they couldn't see us.  Jack yelled, "I found something!"
 We went to him, and he asked me how to operate it.  The red light flowed around
us, reminding us that the presence of God was near, but we didn't understand what that
meant.  I told him to push un the indent.  He did.  The ship rumbled and shook, and I
looked out the window, and noticed we were flying up.  Everyone's eyes averted towards
the window, and the sky seemed to float past us.  Soon we could see the earth floating
above us.  We saw two lights move from the front of the ship, like lasers they shot
towards the great blue/green earth.  The thing we saw next was the most horrific sight I
had ever seen.  When the laser's made contact with the planet, it seemed to erupt,
everything in and around it began glowing red hot, and after that shattering into a billion
pieces, nothing hit us, and the shrapnel from the destroyed planet seemed to move out of
the way our ship, the "Orion".  The earth was destroyed.
 "You bastard, you did that on purpose!"  The politician leaped toward jack, who
barely maneuvered away, the large man lunged again, and this time caught Jack by the
edge of his pants.  He lifted his hand to punch the young man, when the blue orb returned,
and shot a beam, frying the large man, whose blood splashed against the walls and was
absorbed by them.  "There is no reason to fight." It said.
 The scientist and I looked at the dead body and the remnants of earth.  He looked
at me and I looked at him.  I looked towards the orb.  "What happened? Did earth just
really blow up, that was an illusion."
 "It was no illusion, it was the destiny of the ship and you for it to happen, it was
god's will."
 "God, where is God, who is he?  Do you mean the actual God?" I asked.
 "Yes, God is on this ship, as indicated by the red orb, I cannot directly know
where he is though."
 "So you are God?" The scientist asked the orb.
 "Does it still glow red when I leave?  I am an entity created to help the crew of this
ship fly.  I cannot function above that."
 "So where is this crew? does that mean one of us three is God?"
 "You are the crew, and God is in this command room right now, otherwise the
ship cannot function."
 "This is unbelievable, we're the only ones in this room, one of us three is God?"
Jack asked,
 "That is correct," the orb said, before disappearing again, the red orb still was
 "Well, It's not me, don't look at me" Jack said.
 Both the scientist and I were looking at him, he was the one who had lifted us off,
had destroyed the planet.
 "Well it isn't me either" Dr. Aquat said self assuredly.
 "Well it sure as hell ain't me," I replied, "I'm just a military grunt, I discovered it, I
didn't make it."
 "Well one of us is."  said Jack.  "and whoever it is should speak up, because
somehow we between us have killed 6 billion people, my mom and dad are dead, everyone
is dead."
 "You don't think we realize that, you pressed the button."  The scientist said.
 "Lets not make accusations, this will get us no where, there's got to be a way for
us to find out, we can leave one at a time into the next room, we just have to find the
button.  It shouldn't be that hard.  We searched the room again, and found a button on the
door.  I pressed it, and the door formed itself.  "I'll go first" said the scientist, who walked
out, the red light still glowed.  He began to walk back in, but the door closed on him.  I
tried the button again, but the door stayed shut.  I looked for another button.  I found one
and pressed it, it opened a window into the other room.  It was obvious that the doctor
could not see through the window.  He was looking for the other door, and he stopped
near the spot where the main exit was.  He used his hand to feel around the door, and
finally it appeared he had found the spot.  He pushed down into it.  The door opened, and
he was sucked out into the vacuum of space.  The red light was still flashing.  I looked at
Jack.  "You're God?"  I said.
 "No, you must be, I know I'm not."  he said.
 "No, I know I'm not.  Why are you trying to deceive me." I drew a gun from my
holster, and put it towards his head.
 "What are you doing?" he said, shrinking back.
 "Well, I know I'm not God, so that must mean you're him.  But why the charade,
why pretend to be afraid, if you can't die.  Which means.."
 "That I'm not God.  Unless I am without knowing it.  And if you were God, then
you would shoot me and it wouldn't make any difference, so neither of us is god.
 "Unless what?"
 "Unless one of us is without knowing it.  With no food, no water, nothing, we're
going to die here.  So lets do something."
 "Alright, like what?"
 "If I shot myself in the head and died, that would prove you're God, and if I didn't
die, that'd prove that I'm god.  Since we're going to die either way, me might as well give
it a chance."
 "Yes, but I think I should be the one who does it, so I can see if it's true or not.  If
you are God, then you could simply make it appear to me that you shot yourself, I won't
know for sure unless I do it to myself."
 "Well so be it, it doesn't matter to me.  It is the only way, we could do it Russian
roulette style, make it based on chance."
 "Sounds good to me."
 So I took the gun, and spun the chamber.   I put the gun to my head.  *click*
 Jack took the weapon, and pushed it against his temple.  He closed his eyes, and
pulled the trigger.  Nothing.
 I took the gun and spun it again, pulled the trigger.  Nothing.
 He took the gun, put it against his forehead, leaned forward.  Blam.  The end of
life.  Blood splattered outward, falling and being absorbed against the walls.  I took the
gun in my hand and looked at it.  I filled the bullets I had taken out and put them back in.
I guess my test had failed, now I was the last man alive, and that meant I was god.  Except
i wasn't.  How could I, a sergeant in the marines be God?  It was ludicrous, I'm sure I
would know if I was God or not.  The blue orb reentered the room.
 "Are you ready to return to you chamber?" it asked.  I looked at it strangely.  "The
cryogenics room is ready, and you appear to be ready for your sleep."
 I looked out the window, then toward the gun, then towards the blue orb.  "No, I
don't think I'll be going there."  I raised the gun to my chest,  muttered "I regret nothing"
and pulled the trigger.  Pain enveloped me.  My body slumped to the ground.  The blue
orb faded away.  The last thing I saw, was the glowing red orb, fading into white, and then
black.  The darkness began to surround me, to comfort me.  My head slumped, and my life
faded to black.