frusteration by eric drewes

LunaSenshi: luna is tricked
GaijinSenshi: why
LunaSenshi: cause
LunaSenshi: trickedtricked
GaijinSenshi: tell me why.
LunaSenshi: because i believe love will overcome
LunaSenshi: and it doesnt
GaijinSenshi: i think it does, don't count it out yet.
GaijinSenshi: love always kicks in
GaijinSenshi: at the last minute
LunaSenshi: that, my friend
LunaSenshi: has always been the difference betwee you and me
GaijinSenshi: go on
LunaSenshi: perhaps
LunaSenshi: we will see in the long run
GaijinSenshi: heheh
GaijinSenshi: i guess we will :)

shakespeare isn't important, its peoples insight on shakespeare that is
by pablo picasso
 Why does the artist place the picador on her horse between the minotaur and the girl? I believe Picasso's criticism of himself, the way men use their strength to have their way, how women use their bodies to conquer men is the subject of many of his prints. Here, the bare-breasted woman picador holding her sword and draped brokenly over the horse has failed in her purpose to conquer the minotaur through body alone because the minotaur, even as he shields his eyes from the light, wants what the young girl and the light represent. He wants to see, to know, to feel, to be kind. The bull aspect of himself alone does not satisfy him. He wants power and tenderness together, body and thoughtful seeing together.

the ninjas crept through at night, they didn't want a fight

love cannot fail us, we only fail when we lose faith in love

minotaur carrassing a sleeping woman, by picasso

my turtle
by eric drewes
(a SONG not a POEM)
my turtle was spinning up into the air
spinning and spinning did she think i didn't care?
she spun and she spun and i never knew why
and she spun into heaven and she put out god's eye
why did my turtle go
i wish that i knew
why didn't she wait for me
i wanted to go too
i don't know why she left me, i don't know at all
when she started her flying
did she know
where she'd fall?

435 (check your watch)
108 (shaolin monks)
42 (secret of life?)
81 (year i was born)