So you decided to click on the pixie picture, well my friend, that was a good move.
why you ask? well all shall be revealed shortly.

But first let me tell you a story, it's a short one so don't go away.  It's the tale of a young boy named Elio and his twin sister Spinzo.  One day they were walking through the forest picking toadstools for there grandma's famous toadstool stew when they ran into a small fairy.  (thats right. that fairy) and well the fairy told Elio and Spinzo that if they brought her a drop of water from the crystal pond, well she would grant each of them a wish.  Elio and Spinzo were very excited and went at once to find where the pond was, because they had never heard of it before.  They asked there grandma, and grandma said that the pond was just a myth, like pixies and gnomes.  Well this two little kids (they were both 5) knew better, because they had met the fairy themselves, so they went searching and searching.  The moral of this story will soon be revealed and will be much like the story itself.  So they searched all throughout the forest, and all throughout the towns.  They soon began to get tired and went home.  As they slept, they dreamed of all the wonderful things they would wish for when they found the pond.  They were so happy.  The next morning they searched again, and went into a deep dark cave.  Bats were hanging from the roof, and they were very scared.  At the darkest deepest part of the cave, they found a small pond, glistening blue.  quickly they both filled up a glass jar,and quickly ran from the cave to find the fairy.  They both talked about what'd they wish for.  When they finally found the fairy, they gave her their jars.  The fairy quickly jumped in one of them, closing the lid behind her, where she drowned.  Pixies are immortal except they can drown in the special water.  The fairy died and ceased to exist, and lived the rest of it's non-existance happily.  Elio and Spinzo looked sadly at the now empty jar.  Both started crying when they noticed something.  What did they notice?  Well, what they noticed was that everything they did, all that hard work was for absolutly nothing, and there's no such thing as ever having your wishes come true.  They both began to laugh and laugh.  They were the first nihilists.  Do you think they learned there lesson? No.  Because when they found a gnome who wanted them to get him so magic mushroom, they went and did it, and he died on the poisenous food.  They laughed then too.  For all i know, they are still going on foolish adventures, and still laughing to this day.  Why did I write this story? i'm insane.  Why did you read this story? you're insane.  Whats the point? well, if you can't figure it out, you should find a more mainstream religion because adunai is not for you.

The End.