Check Mate
By Eric Drewes

"Check Mate" said the creator.
"What?!" yelled the thunder god, "you cheated!"
"no I didn't, sit down, it's just a game." replied the creator.
"Grrr" said the thunder god. "I want a rematch."
"Alright," said the creator, making a new board and pieces.
The game went on, but within the 13th move, the creator had already gotten the thunder god in check mate.
"Thats it!" yelled the thunder god, raising his hammer, "I'm sick of this game"
and he raised his hammer and smashed down on the board, then stood up, and ran to break some more stuff, tripped over a ripple in the space time continuum, and dropped his hammer.  It plummeted downward from the eerethreal plane of existance, and it toar through the air, and smahsed into the earth.  A large cloud of dust formed, and blotted out the sun, killing nearly all the life forms.
"Oh crap, I just killed the dinosaurs." said the thunder god.
"Don't worry about it, I was cheating anyways, so I guess I deserved it." said the creator.